Boating Accident Frequently Asked Questions?

logoWere you recently injured offshore in a boating type accident, or simply while waiting at the dock? Maybe your ankle was crushed between a boat and the pier. Whatever took place, whether it was someone falling overboard and drowning, or some other waterborne calamity, victims soon discover that these cases are much different than auto accidents on the freeway. Ehline Law Firm is run by a fellow boater, and we understand the rigors and differences involving boating accidents. We have put together this short and easy Q & A to assist boaters and passengers in understanding what to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Boating Accidents

In Los Angeles in particular, there are various types of boating accidents, which can occur in a number of ways.

Q: What are some of the most common injuries faced by people on boats?

A: The resulting injuries most often are:

  • Drowning
  • Crewmembers overboard
  • Boating collisions
  • Capsizing of the boat
  • Sinking
  • Flammable material explosions
  • Boat fires
  • Gasoline fires
  • Interior flooding of the boat

Q: How often are boating accidents fatal?

A: There are approximately 1,000 fatalities per year in boating accidents, according to the United States Coast Guard statistics (Read PDF here.)

Q: In Los Angeles boating accidents what are the most common causes of fatalities?

A: The most common causes of fatalities in water accidents in LA are:

  • Boating collisions
  • Capsizing boats
  • Drowning
  • Injuries from boat propellers
  • Falling overboard
  • Jet ski accidents

Q: Are There Precautions that can be taken to reduce or prevent boating accidents and injuries?

A: There are safety procedures that can be taken to help in preventing boating accidents, injuries and deaths.

  • Wearing a properly sized approved life jacket: This is because each year there are boats that capsize and people that fall overboard resulting in approximately 50 percent of boating deaths.
  • Prior to taking the boat out on the water do a vessel safety check.
  • Never operate a boat or watercraft while under the influence of alcohol, or drink while on the water.

Q. In boating accidents is there a known percentage of accidents that are caused by the boat operator?

A: According to statistic the percentage of boating accidents that occur due to the boat operator is almost 70 percent.

Q: Have there been boating accidents caused by carbon monoxide poisoning that have caused injuries or deaths?

A: Yes, there have been injuries and deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning on boats. This is something every boater should be aware of, and there are some common causes:

  • Gasoline powered engines
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Close proximity to engine exhaust
  • Boat air conditioning systems


The Marina docks in LA County

Water vessels in Marina del Rey

Q: If I have been injured in a boating accident a Los Angeles boating accident attorney should be contacted:

A: It is important to contact legal counsel right after a waterway tragedy, to represent you and protect your legal rights. When you contact Ehline Law, for example, your case will be evaluated and the options available for your injury will be explained. There are statutes of limitations in boating cases, which can prevent compensation, for this reason it is imperative to contact a boat accident attorney as soon as possible after a boating accident.

Q: Are there common factors that cause boating accidents?

A: There are some common factors that cause boating accidents and they include:

  • Boat operators that have consumed alcohol
  • Negligent operation of a boat
  • Reckless operation of a boat
  • Excessive boat speed
  • Inattention by boat operator
  • Inexperienced boat operator
  • Boat equipment failure
  • Boat engine failure
  • Hazardous water conditions
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Restricted vision

Q: When is it important to report a boating accident?

A: There are laws that require boaters to authorities in these circumstances:

  • When there is a death involved in the boating accident
  • When someone disappears that signifies a possible death
  • When someone is injured and requires medical treatment
  • When damage to a boat or other property is in excess of $500.
  • When there is a total loss of a boat including a craft that capsized.

Q: Should I Hire a boating accident attorney?

Q. Yes. If you or family members have been injured in a boating accident in the waterways, rivers or lakes of California, please contact Ehline Law Firm PC now to protect your legal rights at 888-400-9721.